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Have you ever wondered how to make a dog happy?

Dogs are emotive creatures that adore making their owners happy.

Be good to your dogs and they will reward you with their unconditional love and loyalty, how?


I’ve put together a list of top 10 things that make your dog happy and satisfied:

10. Give your dog a new toy.

Dogs are sometimes like children.

After some time they get bored with old toys, and they love getting new ones.

Find the one that will excite your pup and make them happy.

9. Take your dog for a walk or run.

Dogs dislike constantly being holed up in the home or in their dog house.

Physical activity also stimulates dogs.

Even if you always walk down the same street, the dog will always come upon a new scent or yet another exciting situation.

8. Keep your dog healthy.

Health is an important factor in keeping your pet happy.

Keeping your dog healthy entails:
• Dental hygiene,
• Fur care,
• Prevention from fleas, ticks and worms,
• Vaccination,
• Preventive veterinary care every 6 months,
• Looking out for signs of typical illnesses for their specific dog breed,
• Keeping a healthy weight.

7. Train your dog and teach them new tricks.

Apart from physical, dogs also require mental stimulation.

By training them, you form a special bond with your pet.

Dogs also love spending time with a person that offers them comfort and security.

6. Let your dog hang out with other dogs.

Our furry pets are very social and generally love meeting new dogs and people.

5. Feed your dog with a well-balanced diet.

Dogs need food that satisfies all of their nutritional requirements.

Do you know the 6 most important nutritional requirements for dogs?
1) Water.
2) Protein.
3) Fats.
4) Carbohydrates.
5) Vitamins.
6) Minerals.

Well-balanced and complete food will satisfy the physiological needs of your pet and enable them to be more energetic, healthier and happier.

4. Provide your dog with comfort and security.

Dogs, just like people, have a desire for security, belonging, and love.

Our pets are happy when they have a place where they can feel comfortable, relaxed, safe, and when their owner pays attention to them.

And now follows the top 3 things that will make your dog happy, ready?

3. Play with your dog.

Dogs love playing with their owners and families because it makes them feel like a part of the family.

Some example of indoors dog games:
• hide-and-seek,
• listening and dancing to music,
• trying out apps for editing selfies and face-swapping.

2. Reward your dog and pet them more often.

Constructive criticism makes us better, but spontaneous rewards and compliments still quickly lift our spirits, right?

Dogs adore rewards, praises, and in the majority of cases cuddling too!

Every time they make you happy, share a piece of that joy with your devoted furry pets by rewarding and petting them.

In just a few moments you will see the final little trick that helps you make your dog’s life a happier one.

1. Learn to recognize the signs your dog is showing you and react to them.

Try to better understand the non-verbal signs your pet is sending you when you’re nearby.

Some example signs:
• Eyes are wide open – your dog wants attention.
• Rolling onto their back – they trust you and want to please you, pet their tummy.
• Leaning on you, looking for physical contact, or bringing you toys – your dog loves you.
• Relaxed, body is shaking and tail is wagging – your dog is happy.

There are many other non-verbal signs your dog uses to show you various emotions.

React to them to make your dog feel satisfied and happy.